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Prevent Negligent Hiring
There are two words that have been devastating to many businesses and can cost you millions of dollars: negligent hiring. An employer can be held liable for the negligent hiring or negligent retention of an employee that the employer knew or should have known was unsuitable for employment. I am speaking on behalf of a company whose expertise should be of significant importance to the members of your business. IDENTI-CHECK, Inc is a Springfield-based pre-employment screening company that specializes in providing background information on potential employees. In today’s business climate, no one can afford the cost of hiring the wrong person. IDENTI-CHECK helps you hire right the first time.

According to industry experts, 52% of all employment applications and resumes contain erroneous information. If an employee injures another employee, patient and/or customer, the employer may be subject to negligent or wrongful hire litigation. IDENTI-CHECK can help you take positive steps toward reducing violence, theft, accidents and liability in the workplace by giving you valuable insight into your applicant’s background.

IDENTI-CHECK offers over 17 different search options to meet the needs of your candidate selection and hiring process. Search criminal and driving records for theft, fraud, identity theft, drug convictions, DUI and hazardous driving practices. The depth of your search is entirely up to you. You can retrieve the results via secure Internet access or by fax within 48 hours.

An employee who comes into a job under false pretenses is the wrong person in the wrong job. Falsification suggests a dangerous character defect. The lack of appropriate qualifications may also mean the individual is not competent for the task. Neither is a problem an employer can afford to ignore. Employers can no longer take the attitude that "what an employee does on his own-time, is his business".

Protect your workplace, your assets, and your hard-earned reputation with affordable background screening tailored to your needs. The depth and scope of the pre-employment background screening generally depends on the nature of a firm and the position to be filled.

Identi-check is willing to present an educational seminar to your interested members about the importance of performing background check on potential employees, and answer any questions you may have about this topic. If the members of the association find this to be interesting, please take Identi-check into consideration for a free educational seminar about the importance of performing background check on future employees. Enclosed is a brochure with a synopsis of our services with prices. Reduce your liability and give IDENTI-CHECK, Inc. a call at 217-753-4311 We’ll show you how IDENTI-CHECK lets you hire right the first time.

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