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Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening

A small price to pay to protect your Well-Earned Assets, Reputation, and Staff.

Identi-Check understand the challenges employers face when of selecting the perfect candidate. Businesses must search through candidates looking for someone who can meet the high talent standards and demands required, then determine who will meet expectations the best.
Once the perfect candidate is found it's not over, Employers have limited resources to perform a thorough background check in a timely manner.
By partnering with Identi-Check, we can assist in making the final selection with confidence! We will effectively identify and discover potential issues and security risks that could negatively impact your business. We will do so in the limited time frame you have to make an offer before your competitors.
Identi-Check will protect your assets and well earn reputation by providing accurate and thorough results from anywhere in the United States, on a timely manner, every time!!
To get the job done, we collect results straight from the public record resource or to keep results accurate, cost low and turn around fast. Identi-Check will take every step needed to provide all available information on a potential applicant or employee and if needed explain everything in great detail.
Package Options: If a package is not available that covers the searches you need for a specific applicant or position, please contact us and we can develop a package that?s based around your needs.

Package Options:
Basic - Statewide Criminal, Motor Vehicle Record
Basic Plus - Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verification, Educational Verfication
Enhanced - Statewide Criminal Search, Motor Vehicle Report
Enhanced Plus - Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verification, Credit Report, and
Motor Vehicle Report
Thorough - SSN Verfication and trace, (2) County Criminal (Current & last non county of
resident), Motor Vehicle Record, Employment Verification
Banker Choice - Statewide criminal, Federal criminal, Motor Vehicle Search, Employment Verification
Qualified - Workers Compensation Report, Statewide Criminal Search, Country Criminal History,
Motor Vehicle Record
Comprehensive - Statewide Criminal Search, Employment Verfication, Credit Report, Motor Vehicle
Record,Educational Verification, SSN Verficiation

State Wide Criminal (Identi-Check has access to every state wide criminal record in all 50 States) Motor Vehicle Records (Identi-Check has access to every state wide criminal record in all 50 States)
Identi-Check, Inc. Individual Search Options (Click Here for a description)
Statewide Criminal County Criminal
Motor Vehicle Search Federal Criminal (Pre Region)
E-Verify Nationwide Criminal
SSN Verification Drug Testing
County Criminal Education Verification
Federal Criminal Reference Verification
Credit Report Employment Verification
County Civil License and Certification Verification
Federal Civil Professional License Verification
Sex Offenders Incarceration Verification
Nationwide Sex Offender Terrorist Search (OFAC)
Corporation Search (D&B) Health Integrity and Protection DB
Resume Verification Nationwide Wants and Warrants
Bankruptcy Report Military Search
Workers Compensation National Practitioner DB
Both Healthcare Databases

Identi-Check provides:

  • Nationwide service coverage
  • Results in 24 hours (if courts provide data in timely manner)
  • Discounts for higher volumes
  • Experienced Search operators in criminal data analysis.
  • Compatibility with most policy and procedure requirements
  • User-friendly online system with secure user accounts
  • Complete responsibility for the accuracy and the completeness of all work.
  • Professional liability, errors and omissions insurance
  • State, Federal and FCRA compliance with all necessary forms and procedures
  • Free Training

The mission of Identi-Check is to provide greater insight on applicants and help identify LOW RISK candidates who are problem free and trustworthy, rather than waiting for a problem to present itself later.
Negligent hiring lawsuits should NOT be taken lightly; it is the responsibility of the employer to verify that the information provided is truthful and to determine whether or not the candidate is suitable.

Competitive Pricing, NO hidden fees OR binding contracts

Statistics to Think About

Bad Hires

  • Negligent hiring cases have had verdicts of up to $40 million.* Gurtin vs. Nurse Connection, et. al.
  • The average settlement of a negligent hiring lawsuit is nearly $1 million.*Human Resources Management, 2008
  • Employers have lost more than 79% of negligent hiring cases.* Fortune
  • It costs $7,000 to replace a salaried employee, $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee, and $40,000 to replace a senior executive.*Recruiting Times
  • The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the first year's potential earnings.*U.S. Department of Labor

False Information

  • According to Society of Human Resources Management 53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information
  • 34% of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job. (Wall Street Journal)

On-The-Job Violence

  • The most common effects of workplace violence incidents on employees include decreased morale, decreased sense of safety, decreased productivity, decreased trust among co-workers and increased stress and depression.
    *SHRM Survey Findings: Workplace Violence, 2012
  • FBI Studies estimate nearly 355,000 businesses will experience a workplace violence episode in any given year and Up to 5% of American workplaces experience a workplace violence episode annually. * OSHA Forms Alliance Focusing on Workplace Violence, by Roy Maurer, Society of Human Resources Management, 2009


  • More than 75% of substance abusers are employed.*Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies, 2008
  • In 2007, 8.4% of those employed full-time were current illicit drug users, and 8.8% reported heavy alcohol use.* Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies, 2008
  • Drug abusers cost twice as much in medical and worker comp claims as drug-free workers.* U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2002

Employee Theft

  • In 2008, the majority of retail shrinkage was due to employee theft at $15.9 billion, which represented almost half of losses (44%).* National Retail Federation Security Survey, 2008
  • 30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft.* American Management Association and US Chamber of Commerce
  • In 2007, one in every 28.2 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer.* Jack Hayes International, Inc., 2007
  • The FBI calls employee theft the fastest growing crime in America. 55% of perpetrators of employee theft are managers.* American Society of Employers